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Brno is an old city so sightseeing is something you would certainly enjoy. In the city centre, there is a church, an old house or a museum at your every step. The largest church, St. Paul's and St. Peter's Cathedral, called Petrov by Brno inhabitants, is in the very heart of the city on a hill. And right on the neighbouring hill you will find the Brno castle – Spilberk (similarity to the famous film director being just a coincidence :)). The old houses in the city centre have been recently reconstructed and most of them are open for the public having been turned to shopping galleries. Take a virtual walk around the city!

More information about Brno city on Brno Tourist Information Portal.


Boats at Brno Lake

If you prefer relaxation near water, we recommend taking a boat ride at Brno Lake. The steamboats  go every 45 minutes, the entire voyage takes an hour or two if you go back. But you can also get off  at one of the stops and do some hiking in the relaxation zone of Brno. You can travel to the Brno Lake by tram no. 1.


Night life

Brno is not a big city but its number of restaurants, pubs, and concert places is vast. Just walk any direction and you will certainly bump into one. Or ask your Brno colleagues about their favourite ones. Just a walking distance from the hotel, there is the Moname Restaurant www.moname.cz. But remember, the hotel is located in a quiet part of Brno, so if you want some excitement, go to the city centre.


Still more...

And if you need sporting activities, just name them. There are several swimming pools, both open and roofed, one waterpark, biking and rollerskating trails, many gyms and spinning centres. But probably the most popular leisure activity in Brno is hiking. The urban forests are vast and beautiful, and the Moravian Karst with its caves lies only a few kilometres to the north.

The swimming pools together with gyms nearest to the hotel: www.druzstevni.cz (walking distance) and http://www.bazenzaluzankami.cz/ (you have to take tram 1 and walk or go by car).