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Brno, Hotel VISTA (

coord. N 49°14.33412', E 16°34.59850'


By railway and bus: Brno, main station (main lines Budapest - Bratislava - Brno - Praha - Berlin, Warsawa – Olomouc - Brno – Wien) – there are connections from and to most European cities. For train and bus connections inside Czech Republic as well as international connections see

By plane: Closest airports (ranged by distance): Brno, Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic)

Brno Airport (BRQ) – only limited connections from London (Luton, Standstad), Eindhoven and Moscow - see

From Vienna Airport and Prague Airport there are bus and rail connections running to Brno. Check Student Agency buses at

From Vienna Airport:

Buses: there are about 7 bus direct connections from the airport operated by Student Agency ( per day, the busride takes about 2,4 hours. Timetables: trains – see

Boarding places of Student Agency buses


We recommend you to use Vienna airport, because travel from Vienna to Brno is much easier than from Prague.

From Prague Airport:

For timetables of trains and buses see Connections run every hour, however it takes nearly 4 hours to got to Brno and includes changing in Prague at the Central bus station (see

Boarding place of Student Agency Buses" see:

By car: from Poland: take motorway D1 - Ostrava - Olomouc - Brno

From Germany - Berlin: take motorway D8 to Prague then D1 to Brno

From Germany -Munich: take motorway D5 to Plzeň, Prague and then D1 to Brno