This is the essential key activity that forms the axis of the entire project. We want to establish an international team with high quality led by foreign experts from the leading European workplaces that deal with research into and optimization of wood usage. The team under the leadership of two foreign experts (Dr. Peter Rademacher and Prof. Jozef Kúdela) has been divided into 3 WP – work packages. The pilot seminar (kick-off meeting) for all team members has been organized under the integrating auspices of the experts. The fields of interests have been specified as well as the closer orientation of the project. Detailed methodology has been elaborated.
During the project implementation, new materials will be developed, their possible applications will be searched for, materials will be processed and measured in laboratories, data will be interpreted and results published. This will be conducted by all team members under the leadership of foreign experts – WP 1–3 leaders. The results of the R&D will be published in scientific journals, presented at conferences and to the target group.
The seminars and consultations with experts will result in improved professional competences of the team members and the target group.

Based on the results achieved, further projects will be proposed and launched with emphasis on the international character. An intensive cooperation of lecturers, research workers, managers of R&D projects and integrated workers is paramount.