This key activity concentrates on the support for team members to involve in international networks. The team members will be involved in international networks by: mobility of employees, organization of professional education activities in the Czech Republic (seminars, workshops, and consultations), submitting cooperative research projects and cooperative publications.
Besides the involvement mediated by the team’s work managed by the integrated foreign experts, this aim will be met by workshops and seminars led by coming foreign experts. These short events will enable the team members and the target group to meet experts from abroad, expand their knowledge, and establish work contacts.
The support of employee mobility will be another important part and will take a form of work stays abroad. Long-term (30 days) and short-term (3–5 days) stays in partner institutions are planned. The long-term stays are expected to involve the team members in research projects of foreign partners with the purpose of gaining new methodological procedures in R&D and to conduct their own experiments using laboratory equipment that is not available at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology. The short-term stays are planned for consulting and preparation of publications in reviewed journals and journals with impact factor, and preparation of joint projects. The results of scientific work will be presented at conferences.
The internationalization will lead to the implementation of work proposals created within key activity 1. The knowledge gained during the mobility stays will be transferred to the target group by seminars and lectures.