This key activity focuses on further education and training that will enable the team members and the target group to improve some of their specific abilities and skills that are not included in their main educational or working activity. The skills and abilities acquired will be used for the other key activities. Further education will take a form of short one-day or more-day courses, which can be divided into modules. The planned activities are e.g. courses enhancing the linguistic skills of the target group: a course on the specifics of academic English (OAG), German (ONE), and presentations in English (PAG). Courses dealing with national and European legislation in EU (NOM), technical expertise (ZNA), intellectual property protections – contracts, patents, etc. (PAT) – will be offered. To improve the outputs of R&D, we are planning courses on statistics (STAT), writing of professional papers (PUB), searching for literature sources (LIT). There will also be courses on work and project management (MAN), management of human resources (LID), team building (TEA) and communication (KOM). The courses within KA 3 are planned for spring and autumn months. The reason for this organization is that these are the periods when summer and winter terms take place at the Faculty and we can expect a higher impact on the target group. Key activity 3 is mainly implemented by the administrative staff of the project management. KA 3 is managed by KA 3 coordinator, who is managed by the project guarantor deputy. The created team will take part in selected courses of this activity.